Fully Funded MEd in Educational Leadership.

For Senior Leaders

Stephen Tierney

Cohort Manager

Dear Colleagues,


I am delighted to be working with the National College of Education to lead the exciting #NorthernLights50 cohort of Senior Leaders, who will be undertaking their Senior Leader Masters Apprenticeship (MEd) in September.


This is an unprecedented time for school leaders and the challenges they face in serving their diverse communities, whilst also buffering what seems a constant stream of change and real time financial constraints facing every school leader. This exciting programme is designed for Senior Leaders who wish to be challenged to think differently about Senior Leadership in the current climate of change and uncertainty.


I am excited about the journey we will take together, contextualized in the North of England, which brings its own joys and unique challenges and I look forward to working with during the course of the programme.


Stephen Tierney

Equipping leaders to face current challenges

The Senior Leadership Programme is the only opportunity in education to learn from multiple industries, understanding and implementing key elements of leadership previously unexplored in the sector yet never more relevant than now.

Previous routes and qualifications simply don’t cut it anymore. We are reinventing professional learning in schools, bringing leading-edge business school thinking into the education sector. Our Senior Leadership Programme will equip you with the knowledge and tools to face these modern challenges head on, impacting the communities you serve and significantly catapulting your leadership trajectory.

We have the largest Level 7 Senior Leader cohort in the country

This is not just in education, this is across all industries. Over 300 Senior Leaders nationwide have joined our programme and are collectively raising the bar of school leadership. The Senior Leadership Programme includes a work-based change management project. Imagine the outcome of 300 Senior Leaders all over the country implementing their uniquely designed and operationally flawless school improvement project. It will change the landscape of school leadership as we know it. Do you want to be a part of it?



This programme costs you nothing and is funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. Find out more about the apprenticeship levy by clicking here. Still unsure why this is free? Call us: 020 8221 9089 .


"Thought provoking and inspiring first Residential with NCE. Never felt more empowered to be my own version of an educational leader. Authenticity is the name of the game #OurNCEJourney"

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  • MEd in Educational Leadership

  • Level 7 Senior Leader Master’s Degree

  • Funded by the Apprenticeship Levy