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You will learn:

-To embody a present-moment, heart-centered yoga practice -How to practice and teach mindfulness and compassion meditation -Mindfulness; its history, benefits, science, and methodology -To manage chronic stress, pain, depression, and anxiety -The basics of Buddhist psychology in relation to yoga asana -To understand the roots of psychological distress and suffering -How to design and sequence Mindful yoga classes or home practice -How to work with difficult emotions or negative habits -To develop loving-kindness for increased happiness and connection -How to achieve greater clarity, wisdom and insight


This is a 100-hour training over 6 weekends. The training is divided into two modules of 50 hours each, and both modules can be taken in any order to complete the entire training. Each module represents 40 hours of teachings and 10 hours of individual study, homework, or reading.
Each weekend is based on a theme and may also be taken as an intensive workshop, see weekend dates for information about individual themes.
The first module of training emphasizes Theory: the fundamentals of mindfulness and compassion, their therapeutic properties and applications, and how to transform suffering into wisdom and insight.

The second module of training focuses more on Practice: how mindfulness and compassion are integrated with asanas and movement, creating custom yoga classes or sequences, and the Foundations of Mindfulness in yoga practice: Body, Feelings, and Mind.


All participants who successfully complete the entire training of Module 1 and 2 will be given a Mindful Yoga certificate for 100hrs through Oslo Yoga. Successful completion of the 100 hr training means full attendance to both 50 hr modules (unless otherwise pre-approved by the teacher) and the submission and approval of all homework assignments.
All participants of Module 1 and 2 will receive a Mindful Yoga Training manual.


It is recommended that you already have some basic knowledge and experience of yoga and/or mindfulness practice to attend, though not required.
You should have a basic understanding of English, as the teachings will be held in English. However, questions and dialogue in class can be done in Norwegian.


Email Jonathan and introduce yourself before registration. Tell a little about your background, with any reference to yoga or meditation practice, and your motivation for taking the training.


Application Window Closes: June 15th 2020

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